Donovan played at the Gibbes Museum Charlestown

Article taken from “These seats are for people who are ‘reserved,’” Donovan Leitch said to me after his sound check as I sat in the second row right behind front row chairs marked “Reserved.” “You have to watch out for reserved people,” he said with

Donovan to open Brent Bolthouse’s New Creation in L.A.

Donovan to open with an acoustic set at the Brent Bolthouse in the new room called "The Bungalow" at The Fairmont Hotel Santa Monica Los Angeles 2nd August 2012. The Hollywood music and entertainment set will be there, invite only. Pictures will follow on this page. Brent

Donovan releases new collection of Fey songs

Painting: Midsummer Eve by Robert Hughes 1908 - Public Domain You may have these songs from HMS Donovan but this collection celebrates Donovan's Faerieworld’s Festival appearance in 2012. You can now buy the collection on Pulley for € 9.99.Only available for Download only Buy Now Pulley Once you click on

Donovan plays Finland Festival

Donovan to play at the Turku Castle Park Festival in Finland on August the 24th. You can buy Tickets for the Festival here For more information you can visit

Donovan’s Song in the Film Dark Shadows

Donovan to play at 30th the Syracuse Jazz Festival

Donovan plays his first Concert of 2012 at Syracuse Jazz Festival on June 23rd in New York State USA Free Admission "In this year of my Rock N Roll Fame Induction, The first Concert I will play is the Syracuse Jazz Festival. I will explore my Blues,

Donovan to play at Faerieworlds

Donovan will headline Faerieworld's Festival 2012 on July 29th Eugene Oregon USA There are voices that instantaneously reveal their identity, melodies that return you immediately to their source, and songs that spontaneously transport you to a specific time and place rich with memory and emotion. All