Donovan to play at Faerieworlds

Donovan will headline Faerieworld’s Festival 2012 on July 29th Eugene Oregon USA

There are voices that instantaneously reveal their identity, melodies that return you immediately to their source, and songs that spontaneously transport you to a specific time and place rich with memory and emotion. All of these qualities and more are embued in the songs and poetry of Donovan.

His music is legend: Catch the Wind, Mellow Yellow, Sunshine Superman, Hurdy Gurdy Man, Season of the Witch, Barabajagal, Atlantis… For decades, these songs have defined an age that ignited an era of revolution, re-birth and renewal that changed the world forever. Then and now, the music of Donovan embodies the essential spirit of that time distinct from the storms and polarity of fashion, politics and power. Within his elegant melodies and moving lyrics flows an eternal energy that is evoked from a place and intention of sacred service to beauty, joy, love, harmony and peace. It is this transcendent quality and the clarity and purity of its expression that makes Donovan so singular among artists and why his music returns us so viscerally to a time of adventure, innocence, hope and promise.

These qualities have never been more important or more needed than at this time in our culture. Donovan’s music continues to remind us of reverence for our roots in the land and the wild energies that are embodied in the elements; he reminds us of the importance of our humble surrender to forces that move in the world that are greater than ourselves, the simplest most powerful of which is love for each other and for the planet we all share.

Donovan incarnates and expresses the intention and dream of Faeriewords and we are honored that he has chosen to join us this summer and bring his presence and music to our gathering. We are twice blessed in that Donovan will premiere “The Living Crystal Faery Realm,” a new musical and visual experience that the world will see for the first time at Faerieworlds under the stars at Mount Pisgah.

We invite you to join us for what is sure to be the musical event of the summer in the Pacific Northwest and welcome Donovan to Faerieworlds.

You can buy tickets for the Festival here

The above article was taken from the Faerieworld website.