My dear pal Gyp, you just dropped the body, see ya later down the road.
Hey Gyp, do you remember this song, never released, where I name you Christo, your Greek name. Save me a seat in Tír na nÓg, up near the back, as usual.

Photo: Gipsy Dave & Donovan / Paros Greece, Circa 1966 / Donovan Discs 2019





I was  born of  Winifred  in the  time  of  woe

I  go  where  I  go  and  I  know  what  I  know

Yea  though I  ride  in  some  dark  strange  land

Aye  wherever I  go I  feel  ma  friend  Christo


Go  where  I  may  he  is  always  there

With  his  black  curling  hair  and  his  sea-grey  eyes  so  fair

For  the  love  of  woman  there  has  been  a  break

Such a  lot  of  time  those  dear  creatures  do  take


One  day  I  will settle  and  I’ll  raise  my  doves

As  he  shares  in  my  life  so  he’ll  share  in my  loves

Now  I  am the  father  of  a  baby  boy

May  his  days  be  filled  with  sun  and his  nights  filled  with  joy


Younger  days  have  gone  we have  become  as  men

Though  we  dearly  hold  on to  the  times  way  back  when

Fishing  harbour  smells  and  full days  of  joy

Still my  son  will play  with  your  son one  day


Teaching  them to  rock  climb  and to cry  like  gulls

And  their  days  will be  storms  when our  days  will be  lulls

And  when  I’ve   found  out  all I  wish  to  know

There  by  my  side  will be  my  friend  Christo


And  off  we  will  go  with  our  blanket  bed

Off  in  search  of  the  end  where  our  life  paths  have  led

Here  lies  a  minstrel by  name  Donno

And  here  by  his  side lies  his  dear  friend  Christo


La  La  La  La  La  La  La  La  La  La  La  La  La  La


Donovan  Leitch : Peer  Music  World