JOOLZ JUKE / Full Audio-Video JOOLZ JUKE Production Credits

Producer: Donovan Discs Ltd Ireland

Line Producer and Assistant to Donovan and Linda Leitch: L.S.

Director: Lee Stephens (The Cheltenham Film Studios)

Video Editor: Joan Bonet

Script Writer: Donovan Leitch

Story Research: Paul Trynka’s book, The Making of The Rolling Stones : Viking Books

Set Design: Donovan Leitch, Lee Stephens, L.S.

Audio Crew: Joan Bonet & Josep Umbria

Musical Director / Research and Arrangements (Inspired by the original recordings): Richard Barone

Audio Mixing for Video: Calma Estudis, Mallorca

Art Design: Alejandro Blasi at Calma Estudis

Music Band: Joolz Jones & The Jukes

Lead Singer: Joolz Jones

Guest Singers: Richard Barone: Donovan Leitch: Honey B Mama
Guitarists: Joolz Jones: Richard Barone
Bass: Augustas Buožius
Drums: Sina Doéring
Harmonica: Donovan

Special thanks to:
Linda Lawrence
The Cheltenham Film Studios
The Vintage Dancers
Julian Jones

Sina, Augustas, Joolz and our musical director Richard Barone. Lee Stephens, Tom Spice and all your fantastic, patient team. Ollie at Gibson Guitars UK. Ray and Margaret, Fish, Michael Doéring and family, Claire R and the little white car, Sebastian, Warble Entertainment, Mallow Travel, Fender for the retro amps and guitars, USA PR: Chris Murray: and everyone whom was a part of our adventure.

Donovan + L.S.

Special Thank you L.S. for your hard work, production ideas and designs, organization, finding the Stratatone, late nights and early starts, line producing and being there always for both I and Linda.

All photos By L.S.