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Donovan, his J45 and Transcendental Meditation
The guitar you are holding is the same guitar that wrote with me all the songs from 1965 to 1969, when my original cherry red Gibson was stolen.
In the cottage you see in the photo is where I lived and I would write up into the night in the little wood in Hertfordshire. I was also searching through my books for the lost technique of true meditation. I just knew it was the way to discover the cure for suffering everywhere. My young chums George John, Paul and Ringo were also searching. Between us The Beatles and I wrote the most songs for the self. We found Maharishi our guru and he found us. Maharishi called us to his Ashram in India to teach us his Simple Transcendental Meditation. And there by the Ganges I taught John the Donovan finger style. John learned on my cherry red J45 and he wrote Dear Prudence Julia and many more. George learned new chord patterns on my J45 and wrote a new set of songs including While my guitar gently weeps. Paul would create Blackbird. I completed my song The Hurdy Gurdy Man and more in India, and with the La Bella silk and steel strings that Joan Baez turned me onto, I recorded it in London on my J45. So you are holding the guitar that made my history sound so sweet. When Gibson heard of how my J45 had been stolen he said Gibson would make me a new one. And here it is.
By the way I will donate my income from the guitar you buy to teach students to meditate.
Contact me for more info on Transcendental Meditation.

Ireland, January 2014

Donovan with his J45

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