Donovan has penned and recorded a new song to present his Fiftieth Anniversary 2 CD release.

The new single is a Reggae Fusion which Donovan is so good at. In fact the Co-Producer of the single, Wayne Jobson, says Donovan was the first to fuse West Indian Music successfully. The other Co-Producer, Rupoert Bent (ex THIRD WORLD BAND) created the track with Wayne around an acoustic demo that Donovan made.

Donovan’s wife Linda and famous muse, led Donovan to the Kingston Jamaica studio of Rupert Bent, as a surprise. Linda had sent along the demo ahead of them. Donovan walked into the Jamaican cool studio and there was the track made already.

It is well known Donovan is a one take wonder, and he proved it yet again. He sat behind the mic and sang the vocal in one take.

Only one other guy is known to have done this, Bing Crosby. No not David Cosby’s father, the real Swing Bing Crosbie. Of course the Irish can do these things easy.

The New Single is released June 8th in UK. Watch website for the SINGLE LINK to buy it on the first day June 8 th.