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Donovan entered the studio in late 1974 with a new set of songs. The songs were originally intended for use as part of a stage performance piece, and ranged from up-tempo songs to the balladry that Donovan had become known for.
Mastered from the Original Analog Masters.

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1 – Rock And Roll Souljer

2 – Your Broken Heart

3 – Salvation Stomp

4 – The Ordinary Family

5 – Ride A Mile

6 – Sadness

7 – Moon Rok

8 – Love Of My Life

9 – The Voice Of Protest

10 – How Silly

11 – The Great Song Of The Sky

12 – The Quest


3 reviews for 7-TEASE (DIGITAL)

  1. Christopher Smith

    Donovan’s 70s releases tend to be overlooked. Expectations for him were high following a string of major hits (Sunshine Superman, Mellow Yellow, Hurdy Gurdy Man, Atlantis) and anything short of the top ten appeared to be a disappointment. In addition, the times had changed quite dramatically: by the early 70s, disillusionment ruled the US and many of the major stars of the 60s lost their way or were seen as out of touch -: even Lennon and McCartney had their struggles.

    Yet, in retrospect, many of Donovan’s 70s albums were comparable in quality to his generally accepted classics. And, ironically even at the time they did quite well, both critically and sales-wise: Open Road hit the top 20 and was well received, Cosmic Wheels was also a top 40 hit, and this, Donovan’s 12th album, released in late 1974, was as good as either album. ,

    I’d even argue they follow the some of the same musical themes of Donovan’s early work. Jazz (Salvation Stomp), folk ballads (The Great Song in the Sky) and, Hard Rock -rock critic Bruce Elder stated that “Rock and Roll Souljer” could’ve/should’ve-been single!

    The stand out track for me, however, is The Voice of Protest. A rousing number, it speaks directly to the very issues that I addressed earlier in this review. The only sin this album commits is that it doesn’t have a Catch the Wind or Atlantis on it…. and, again, this is the very issue that plagued many of Donovan’s compatriots of the time (Lennon, McCartney, Dylan, Jagger/Richards….)

  2. Randy Alvarez

    only donovan album i bought. would give it 8 on scale of 10.
    quite surprised no one appreciates ride-a-mile. i’d have assumed it was the best song of the bunch. excellent song, bit haunting. also like quest… somewhat simple but affects me. i’m not a fan of rock lyrics in general, but liked voice of protest and how silly as much for the lyrics as the music. couple other good songs. i really am surprised someone would prefer sadness or rock & roll souljer to ride-a-mile. its forty years ago but kind of think that’s the song that got me to buy the album.

  3. Mitchy

    After A Gift From A Flower To A Garden this is my favourite Donovan album. Stylistically varied, there are several great tracks here, namely Rock & Roll Souljer, Your Broken Heart, Ride A Mile, The Ordinary Family, Sadness, Love Of My Life, The Great Song Of The Sky & The Quest. This is magnificent and gives lie to the notion that Donovan was washed up creatively after 1970.

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