BURIED TREASURES 2 – The Morgan Studios Sessions 1971 (wav CD quality)


Wav CD quality (wav 44.1 kHz 16 bits): This is a download album in CD quality (Not a physical CD) the file is around 480Mb, please be sure that your have a good internet connection for the download. Keep in mind the download can take a long time.


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This album contains 11 songs of the Morgan Studios Sessions.

Discover an Amazing Horde of Unknown Donovan Recordings.

At least 150 songs Donovan forgot he had even written or recorded. (More info)


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1 – Saccharin Sue

2 – To Whom It May Concern

3 – The Crunch

4 – Two Lovers

5 – The Runaway

6 – Train Whistle

7 – Don’t Look Now (Over Grown Gardens Of Dream)

8 – Corsica

9 – Epistle To Scouse

10 – Trail Of Succes (Early Rehearsal)

11 – If

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