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In 1993, Rick Rubin (producer and founder of American Recordings label) contacted Donovan to record a new album, based on this renewed interest of younger fans for his music. Rubin had just released Johnny Cash album American Recordings, a set of new songs 60’s style: one guitar, one voice. The album was very succesful and this led Rick Rubin to repeat the same model with similar artists. Working in the studio with Tom Petty, Rubin said he would like to work with Donovan, and Petty suggested he could call him. Donovan agreed.¬†Donovan and Rubin went through over one hundred songs to select the final set. The idea was to make an album like the first ones Donovan recorded in 1965.


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1 – Please Don’t Bend

2 – Give It All Up

3 – Sleep

4 – Everlasting Sea

5 – High Your Love

6 – The Clear-Browed One

7 – The Way

8 – Deep Peace

9 – Nirvana

11 – Be Mine

12 – Lady Of The Lamp

13 – The Evernow

14 – Universe Am I


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