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Donovan’s songwriting for The Hurdy Gurdy Man centered around drones on such songs as “Peregrine”, “The River Song” and “Tangier” (the latter two being compositions by his good friend Gypsy Dave AKA Gyp Mills), and pop music on most of the other tracks. “As I Recall It” continues Donovan’s infatuation with jazz. “Jennifer Juniper” and “Hurdy Gurdy Man” were both released as singles well before the album was released.


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1 – Hurdy Gurdy Man

2 – Peregrine

3 – The Entertaining Of A Shy Girl

4 – As I Recall It

5 – Get Thy Bearings

6 – Hi It’s Been A Long Time

7 – West Indian Lady

8 – Jennifer Juniper

9 – The River Song

10 – Tangier

11 – A Sunny Day

12 – The Sun Is A Very Magic Fellow

13 – Teas


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