Donovan Releases Beat Cafe on iTunes

This album was recorded in 2004 with the master sidemen Danny Thompson ( Concert Bass) and Jim Keltner ( Drums ).
Neither had actually recorded together. Donovan’s producer for this masterwork was John Chelew known for his Roots Recordings and multiple Grammys.

“I got the call from John to see if I would go into the studio( Capitol in LA) with my dear pal Danny Thompson and try some of the ‘Drones’ that Danny and I do, simply that. We did and I wrote a tune for Danny called Beatnik Cafe, which is really a Bassmans Tune, like Peggy Lee’s ‘Fever’ “

Then my Linda suggested Jim Keltner come in and we began the album. Peggy Lee and Sinatra’s photos were hanging on the walls. In the corner of the studio John saw the original Jimmy Smith organ and he played that a bit. It was really redefining the acoustic trios of the Jazz age, altho it became a journey through the Beat Cafe world which also included Celtic folk, American mountain music, spiritual chants, pure jazz, and poetry, with a splash of experimentation.

I enjoyed this so much working with John,and so did the two masters Danny and Jim. Thanks guys for another breakthrough set of sessions”.

Donovan 2011

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