Christmas 2011

Violettas  new  song  is CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE AGAIN.

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This recording artist is 88 years young and has written 7 songs so far, all for her husband Alec, who passed on before her. Yet Violetta still writes to Alec through her lyrics.

Donovan, her son-in-law , has been writing the music for Violets lyrics for many years.

“Violetta is what we call a late bloomer. She sings all her life and now realises her dream to record. She is a really good lyricist and a wonderful woman”.

Hi I’m Violetta,
I have just fullfilled a life long ambition to sing and be heard. With encouragement from Donovan and my wonderful family, I have now finished my CD. I truly hope now it will soon be realised. My life has been so full of love and happiness. Just taking care of my dear Alec and the beautiful family he has left me with fills me with joy.
My true love Alec only recently went on to heaven.

I will always remember our 60 loving years together. I know he’s still listening when I sing my songs or write my memoirs. I will be able to say what a very special life I have had the pleasure of living. Thank you so much for listening to my CD. I really enjoyed making it.


The Children on the track are from the Ballyhass School Childrens Choir, County Cork and the back-up vocal Lili Inch. Donovan makes a vocal appearance as a Celtic Santa!
The recording was Produced by Brain O’Reilly in Fiona Studios Fermoy, Cork, Ireland.

Press Release

Donovan announces a new Christmas single
And a new star in the Christmas sky, his mother in law Violetta

Photo Credit: Susan Geary

At the age of 80 Donovan’s mother in law, Violetta embarked on her life’s vocation and started writing and singing her own songs. Her work is dedicated to her late husband Alec and set to music by Donovan. Now at the age of 88 she has released her Christmas single:

Hello everybody. I’m VioIetta.

I have been busy writing new songs and recording them with Donovan who has set them to music and arranged the recordings sessions. And now I am sharing them with the world through YouTube.

I am so grateful to Donovan and my son Stewart and the other members of my family who have made it possible for me to fulfill my lifetimes’ dream and prove it is never too late to follow your dream. My dear late husband Alec would be so proud of me, and it is for him that I write all my songs.

And now just in time for Christmas when family and loved ones come together all around the world I am releasing my new single CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE AGAIN.

I do hope you like it. It was such fun to make and most of the people who have heard it say that they just cant stop singing it. At Christmas time I am so happy to be surrounded by my friends and family and I hope you are too.

A Very Merry Christmas to you all.