And releases a new song of Robert Burns poem THE BANKS O’ DOON, as a Fund Raiser to help SAVE THE RIVER DOON in Ayrshire.

(Buy the song here)

Donovan returns to his homeland to play his first BIG BURNS SUPPER concert.

Donovan  says,

“I  have  been  asked  many  times   to  join  a  Burns  Celebration   yet  this  is  the  one  for  me. And  I  have   composed  a new  melody  for  the  Burns   poem  THE  BANKS  O’ DOON and , I  will  release  the  recording   to  help  save   the   beautiful  River   Doon  which  was   so  dear  to   Burns   heart   in his  poem. Help  me   Save  the  Doon  by  buying  the  song  download     from

Donovan  also  plays   The  Milngavie  Folk  Club   January  28th   when  he  will perform   a  section  of   Scottish  Folk  Songs  he  learned  from his   family  as a  boy, and  also  play   all his  Hits.

Tickets  available  for  both  THE  BIG  BURNS   SUPPER   WWW.BIGBURNSSUPPER.COM




Amazing Donovan Biography

“Donovan singlehandedly initiated the psychedelic revolution with his album Sunshine Superman” (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)


About Donovan

Donovan Leitch is widely regarded as one of the most influential songwriters and recording artists working today. At his induction into the R & R Hall of Fame in 2012 it was stated, “Donovan singlehandedly initiated the Psychedelic Revolution with Sunshine Superman”.


This masterwork album he created late 1965 at 19 years of age, one year before his friends The Beatles, influencing their album Sgt. Pepper’s  Lonely heart’s Club Band, and leading the way for many other artists.

It is now history that Donovan became the tutor of The Beatles on the famous trip to India, where he taught John, Paul and George the finger style guitar and many of his unique chord patterns, that would create many of the best songs and styles of The White Album.

Most notable Dear Prudence, Julia (which John asked Donovan to help him write), Blackbird, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, and many others on The White Album.

Donovan encouraged and nurtured George Harrisons’ songwriting. George in The Beatles Anthology said, “Donovan is all over The White Album”.

And yet Donovan is much more than the creator of the first Psychedelic Album, Sunshine Superman announced Flower Power for the first time and presented to the world the first World Music fusions of Folk, Classical, Jazz, Indian, Gaelic , Arabic and Caribbean. At the age of 16 Donovan set his artist vision, to return Poetry to Popular Culture and he has done so on a worldwide scale. He was 4 years younger than The Beatles, Dylan and The Rolling Stones when he achieved all this.

As if this is not enough to say, he is chiefly responsible for introducing meditation and Eastern Philosophy into Modern Lifestyle and songwriting.

As highly influential and successful as Sunshine Superman album was, Donovan had already scored 4 Top Twenty singles, E.P.’s and two albums in his so-called ‘Folk Period’ of early 1965. Donovan received the prestigious Ivor Novella Award for his very first song Catch The Wind at 18 years young.

In his first work in early  1965 the seeds of what was to come were sown. This was evident on his Classical – Jazz fusion track on his ‘Fairytale’ album of that year, ‘Sunny Goodge Street’. The lyric was first to describe the coming Bohemian Invasion of popular culture, the return of Gaelic Mythology and  True  Meditation  as the door to The Source.

Donovan was oddly compared to Bob Dylan when it was Woody Guthrie that both Donovan and Dylan emulated in  their first  work . The true similarity between them is that they are Poets of the highest Order.

It cannot be overstated that Donovan has displayed the widest variety of songwriting skill, surpassing any songwriter one can name today. The sheer range of his accomplishment is Bardic, empowering our human journey through all stages of life and, most importantly, he displays a  Poets’ true vocation, reuniting us with The Source.

Donovan in his songs of innocence, has been compared to Blake ,his metaphysical songs to Donne and Herbert, his Celtic songs to Yeats, his children’s songs to Stevenson, his Nonsense songs to Carroll and Lear, his Yoga songs to the Vedic Hymns, his Jazz Classical compositions to Ellington and Lewis, his poetic public appeal to Auden. He also is attributed with writing the first ‘Green Songs’ highlighting the threat to the Ecosystem of our Planet Earth.

It is clear there is no such composer artist like Donovan.

And Donovan is also  known for pioneering new production recording techniques in the studio, influencing many.

Donovan is also the recipient of Doctor of Letters Hertfordshire University, Officer of the Order of Arts & Letters of The French Republic, BMI Ikon Award,The Mojo Maverick Award, LifeTime BBCFolk Award and many International Awards. 2014 saw Donovan inducted into The Songwriters Hall of Fame.

The Retrospective of Donovan in 2015/2016 is eagerly awaited by those who followed him from his beginnings and by the new generations who recognise in Donovan all that they are missing in their own contemporary songwriters  Donovan returns to the concert stage as one of the most consummate solo performers of all time.

DONOVAN RESTROSPECTIVE will see Archival Musical Works of Donovan, an EBook Autobiography, Songbook,Poetry Collection, DVD’s, Film Screenings ,Donovan Art Works,and release of 250 unknown songs from his new BURIED TREASURES SERIES, and Memorabilia will be part of the Celebrations, culminating in an exhibition  by  the   prestigious   JULIAN’S   AUCTIONS   in  Ireland  and  Los  Angeles  ,  of  Guitars, costume, Donovan’s  art , posters, diaries,  and many  unique artifacts.