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Sunshine Superman is the third album from Donovan. It was released in the US in September 1966. Whilst still incorporating folk music, these recordings mark a distinct change in Donovan’s music, representing some of the first psychedelia released. A full rock band backs up Donovan on many of the songs, and the instrumentation had been expanded, being one of the first pop albums to extensively use the sitar and other unique musical instruments.


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1 – Sunshine Superman

2 – Legend Of A Girl Child Linda

3 – Three Kingfishers

4 – Ferris Wheel

5 – Bert’s Blues

6 – Season Of The Witch

7 – The Trip

8 – Guinevere

9 – The Fat Angel

10 – Celeste

11 – Breezes Of Patchuli

12 – Museum (First-Version)

13 – Superlungs (First Version)

14 – The Land Of Doesn’t Have To Be


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