Reveiws from Donovan’s Concert in Washington DC

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Photo: Brightest Young Things

The scene here is startling different than any other time I have come to the Hamilton. The tables are filled with food rather than drinks, and the atmosphere is calm and quiet. I was shocked to see how few people there were under the age of 40. I can count the people of my generation on one hand. How could no one else my age understand the importance of this man? A couple of people around me actually asked me what I was doing there, saying I was too young to fully appreciate the artist. I replied, that age has nothing to do with music. Donovan, in my mind, is a living legend, and is worthy of any one’s attention, not matter how old they are. Singer of “Mellow Yellow,” “Yellow is the Color,” “Riki Tiki Tavi,” “Hurdy Gurdy Man,” and of course “Jennifer Juniper,” the theme song of my youth.



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Photo: Neil Dodd

British singer-songwriter Donovan appeared at the Hamilton this Saturday, Oct. 6. The “Sunshine Superman” took the packed house on a trip down memory lane, recounting how the Carter family taught him clawhammer picking and how he joined the Beatles on their life-changing trip to India.

Donovan will be performing next Sunday, Oct. 14, at This Land is Your Land, A Woody Guthrie Centennial Celebration Concert at the Kennedy Center. The concert, in collaboration with the Grammy Museum, will celebrate the life and work of folk singer and icon Woody Guthrie with performances by John Mellencamp and many others.